Bald Stud Gives Agent s Pussy A Proper Fucking Casting!



Neil (40 mins). Neil was a strapping lad with, lets not beat around the bush here, the biggest, fattest cock I have seen in a long time. It dangled between his legs when he removed his pants like King Kongs thumb. Honestly, no matter where this guy goes his cock gets there before him. The head of his cock has only seen its balls in pictures. Anyway, enough about his third leg, Neil was an aspiring actor who had small parts in mainstream movies as an extra and wanted to know if we could further his career. I couldnt help Pacino get a role, seeing as Im more fake then most of Hollywoods tits. Not for him to know tho and I had to get my hands on that giants club he had between his legs. His pants didnt contain a lunchbox, more like a 7 course meal. Anyway, cant get his dick out of my mind, I apologize. So I sold him the spiel and then went straight for it and asked him if hed be interested in porn with all the money and good looking girls that go with it. He was soon interested and it wasnt long before he was sucking on my pussy like a thirsty hound. I could barely get my mouth halfway down his length, but he seemed to enjoy and then it was mounting time. His cock stretched me out and filled me up like I hadnt felt in a long while and in varied positions. My orgasm when it hit me left me struggling for breath and felt amazing, coursing through my body like a lightning bolt. So, to summarize, an amazing casting with an amateur actor, who whilst not big in the mainstream film industry himself, his cock is so big its not returning Spielbergs calls.


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