Ballbustinguniverse - The Further Education Of Ruby (Part 2) Femdom!


Femdom porn

Having obtained the name of the reporting teacher from the headmaster (in Part 1), Ruby and her mother find him in the staff room and ask him to withdraw his complaint report. When being nice does not work (yet again) Rubys mother starts the get rough approach again and rips his shirt off, takes his trousers and underwear off and proceeds to work on his cock and balls. She kicks them, knees them and grabs and twists them. All the while Ruby once again holds him down between her legs. Then they stand him up and Ruby shows what she does to the boys in her school by kneeing and kicking him in the balls, then her mother does the same until he agrees to withdraw his complaint. Ruby then gives him a last kick as a thank you. Part two finishes with the headmaster advising them that Ruby will not be suspended and they thank him in the usual way (a couple of knees in the balls)


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