Avery Jane is relaxing by the pool in her bikini when her stepbrother, Will Tile, comes up to her and says that he has friends coming over. He doesnt want Avery hanging around in a skimpy bathing suit while his friends are here, because theyre perverts. The LAST thing he wants is for his buddies to be lusting after his stepsister!Avery replies that Will is overprotective... its like he doesnt want her to be with any man at all. She tells him that if he thinks no man is good enough for her, then maybe HE should fuck her instead. Will acts shocked, and walks away from the conversation.Later that day, after Wills friends have left, Avery finds Will resting on his bed. She confesses that she thinks Will is hot and that she really does want to fuck him... and she can see from the hard-on in his shorts that hes attracted to her as well. She kisses him and sucks on his cock, then lets him lick her pussy and pound his cock into her. Looks like theyre both finally getting what they REALLY want!


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